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The Toronto Island Puzzle Tour is based upon the in depth interviews and archival research from the feature documentary, The City Island. Each of these five locales were taken from scenes in the documentary.


The Bonus Locale re-visits Lake Ontario carp swimming on Ward’s Island baseball diamond, during the flood of 2019, but with an added historical twist.


Turn on Settings > Camera and make sure your smartphoneʼs scanning QR codes is on.

Download and launch Hoverlay.

Scan each localeʼs QR code with your camera.

Collect each localeʼs PUZZLE piece to get the full experience in Augmented Reality (AR).

Hold up your smartphone to see and hear each localeʼs history.

Find the carp button and unlock your souvenir!

For Locale #6 – the Bonus Locale:
View your souvenir on the View your souvenir on the Ward’s Island Willow Square Community Pebble Mosaic, discover the Islandʼs mascot, and take home Babe Ruthʼs signed ball.

Select each Puzzle Piece below to access its locale:


Manitou Road

Avenue of the Island,
Center Island


Babe Ruth's First Home Run

Hanlan’s Point Ferry Dock


Indigenous Water Ceremony

Ward’s Island Beach


Lakeside Home for Little Children

Gibraltar Point


Day of the Bridge

Algonquin Bridge,
Wards Island


Bonus Locale

Ward’s Island Willow Square Community Pebble Mosaic

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The City Island is a feature documentary about the Toronto Islands, weaving its volatile political history and ongoing issues with flooding, with stories from its colourful residents. More than 600 residents and millions of annual visitors make Toronto Island one of the most vibrant and unique parklands in the world.

74 Minutes/HD/Sound
Producer/Director/Executive Producer: Elizabeth Littlejohn
Editor: Dennis Day
Principal cinematographers: Elizabeth Littlejohn + Allan Lissner
Music: Phil Strong + Julia Kent
Archival Research + Acquisitions: Kathleen Doody


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